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Jul 08
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The common name given to the Husky Golden Retriever mix is the Goberian. The Goberian is a hybrid, not a purebred dog. Its parents are the Siberian Husky and the Golden Retriever. Hybrids are enticing creatures due to their personalities which are a combination of different parental breeds. If you desire to experience the sophistication of the Husky Golden Retriever Mix, here are some important details you need to know.

Origin of the Goberian

The Goberian is one exquisite breed, despite the fact that it has been in existence for the past decade. Most of its traits have been inherited from their Golden Retriever parent, although they still have some from the Siberian husky.

The Goberians are a common breed in the US. Their first breeder desired a dog which would be a great companion during the hunting sprees, have an even temper and also one that would be loyal to him. He picked up on the Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky, whose crossbreed met his expectations. The Goberian inherited the traits of its parents.

Husky Golden Retriever Mix Dog Breed

The Golden Retriever is a very loyal dog to have as part of your family. It friendly nature, as well as its tolerance, makes it appealing to many members of the household. It is agile, a trait which makes it good for sports. Its intelligence, alertness and self-confidence make it quite trainable.

On the other hand, the Siberian Husky’s origin can be traced back to Chukchi in Siberia, from the nomadic tribes. This makes them energetic, intelligent and hardy, which are traits required for a working dog. Its hardy nature made the Siberian Husky suitable for survival in harsh conditions.

They make lovely pets since they are eager to please the owner, to give and also to receive affection. Due to their stunning appearance of having a thick coat donning several colors such as lovely blue or better, multicolored eyes among other attractive features, many breeders expressed their interest in them.

How does Goberians look like?

Husky Golden Retriever Mix as known as Goberian

The average size of Husky Golden Retriever mix ranges from medium to large. Their weight is 35 pounds at least and 80 pounds at most. About their height, most of them range between 20-24 inches tall. Most of them have blue eyes inherited from the Siberian Husky, and very few of them have brown eyes like the Golden Retriever parent.

They have a double coat, with the inner coat being dense and soft, while the outer coat can be slightly wavy or straight and long. The double coat assists in protecting the Goberian from harsh weather conditions such as intense cold and the sun. There are a variety of colors in which the Goberian’s coat may appear, such as golden, black, brown, white, grey and cream. The Goberian’s head has a rounded appearance while its ears have a sagging appearance.


If you desire to have a Goberian, you need to know that they are intelligent and independent. This means that you can go about your daily chores with no worry that your dog will get bored. Their social, affectionate and friendly nature makes them a perfect pet for your household. It will always seek to please you, which makes your training efforts to be fruitful. Due to its alert nature, it can always be a great watchdog for your household.

Training requirements of a Goberian

Gold Husky Golden Retriever Mix

Goberians are obedient and have the desire to please their owner, which will make training them to be quite an easy and a smooth task. However, their independent nature could make the process of training your Goberian to be an uphill task. There are times when your Goberian can decide to be stubborn, especially when it has inherited too much of the Siberian Husky traits.

At this time, it will be testing your skills. This can really lower your morale, but you need to be patient and persistent with your Goberian. Getting your dog to know that you are the master will also give you an upper hand.

Training an old dog new tricks has always been a challenging task. To overcome the challenge, you need to identify the best activity for your dog and focus on the activities whenever you need its attention. Treats have always worked out whenever I needed motivation as a little child. Trust me; they will also work for your Goberian.

Offering treats for a task well done or for simply following instructions will act as a motivating factor for your dog. Having long training sessions will certainly bore your four-legged friend, and so you need to keep them as short as possible. Goberians are very active and so, for you to tame its behavior, you need to engage it in exercise to prevent it from getting unruly, to maintain its health by keeping fit and also, it will be glad that you played with it.

Exercise is very important for your Goberian as it is prone to getting overweight if it doesn’t exercise. In case your Goberian does not get sufficient exercise, it will behave in a certain way that suggests that it is not pleased, by barking too much, chewing, scratching and digging.

Grooming needs of a Goberian

A Goberian sheds less frequently which means that its grooming needs are minimal compared to those of other dog breeds. It is ideal for you to brush your Goberian two or three times per week. This will prevent its coat from getting tangled and at the same time enhance its neatness. When it comes to baths, you should bathe your dog only during instances when it gets dirty. Too many baths are likely to ruin your Goberian’s coat. Ensure that you use dog shampoo during the baths because the normal shampoo used by us human beings could affect its skin and fur negatively.

Your Goberian’s nails should be trimmed carefully, once in a while. Be cautious that you do not tamper with the nerves which are found in the lower part of the nails. If you are not confident enough, seek aid from a groomer. Brush your dog’s teeth three times every week and once per week, you can wipe its ears and take it for a check-up. There is a tendency of dirt accumulating at the rear of dog’s ears. A neat dog will always be a happy dog.

What are the possible health issues a Goberian is likely to suffer from?

Goberians’ are very healthy dogs. If cared for well, they can live up to 15 years. Just like other dog breeds, they suffer from various health conditions. From its parents, a Goberian is likely to inherit some health problems such as:

  • Epilepsy
  • Joint dysplasia
  • Allergies
  • Eye problems
  • Heart problems
  • Cancer
  • Bloat
Husky Golden Retriever Mix Common Health Problems

How to Feed your Husky Golden Retriever Mix

Most Goberian’s sizes range from small sized dogs to medium sized dogs. Considering their size, you need to feed your Goberian on 3 or 4 cups of food daily. The food has to be of high quality so that it can meet your four-legged friend’s nutritional needs. I would advise you to offer your dog 2 meals of the high-quality food within every twenty-four hours. Dry food is ideal for your Goberian as it enhances clean teeth and gums.

To make sure that you feed your dog on a balanced diet, add some raw meat as well as vegetables. Avoid having carbohydrates in your dog’s food since its digestive system is modified to digest proteins. Homemade food is beyond any reasonable doubt the best for your dog compared to commercial and store bought dog food which is likely to affect its health, coat appearance as well as the growth and development of your canine friend.

What is the Cost of Buying and Maintaining a Goberian?

A puppy Goberian costs at least $250 and on the higher side, $1500. For the general non-medical needs of this dog breed, you can spend roughly $500. The non-medical requirements are such as a collar, a crate, litter box, food, training, treats, toys, grooming and a leash. For the medical needs such as flea prevention, medical check-ups, vaccinations and insurance, $600 will serve you appropriately.

The Best Living Conditions For a Goberian

Due to their independent nature, Goberians adore their lone time. They love to explore their surrounding, and that is why you should own one of these lovely creatures when you own a large backyard.

If you live in an apartment and you really want to own a Goberian, then you will have to be engaging it in plenty of outdoor activities. They can do well in regions whose temperature conditions are moderate. Too much heat makes your dog prone to heart stroke and should therefore be avoided. Cold temperatures are suitable compared to hot temperatures for the survival of a Goberian.

The Best Living Conditions For a Goberian

The Goberian is the perfect pet for all of you who are seeking a friendly and loyal companion. He will also be the guard to your household. I hope that you have learnt a lot from this article. Leave your comments on any issue of concern and feel free to inquire where you need clarity. I will be glad to assist all of you.

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