The Best Dog Shampoo: Useful Tips on Buying the Best One this year


Aug 04
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It is simply impossible to escape the fact that dogs are playful. No matter how old your dog is, he will occasionally savor and enjoy rolling in some muddy pool or getting messy. Although we cannot stop our dogs from getting messy, we tend not to like living with dogs that smell awfully. The only way you can rescue your dog is by giving him a nice bath, and that is why you need the best dog shampoo.

In order for you to get the best dog shampoo, you have to consider several factors. You wouldn’t wish to be washing your dog in a bucket full of chemicals. Some dog shampoos are made with chemicals that may irritate your dog’s skin and cause problems. But why do you need to use a dog shampoo in the first place?

Why You Should Use Dog Shampoo?

Although some dog owners may bathe their dogs using human shampoo, it is totally not recommended. Expert vets recommend that only dog shampoos should be used on your dog. Human shampoo may be a little bit harsh on your dog’s skin, and that is why you need a dog shampoo that is specifically designed for dogs.

What should you look for when selecting the Best Dog Shampoo?

Since you want to buy a shampoo that will keep your dog’s coat looking nice, healthy and shiny, there are a lot of things that you will need to consider. They include:

The Ingredients

The best dog shampoo should be able to preserve your dog’s skin moisture and make the coat look healthy. This means that your shampoo has to contain all natural ingredients since only natural ingredients will condition your dog’s coat without causing any irritation.

The best ingredients that your dog’s shampoo should contain include Aloe Vera, peppermint, vitamin E, honey and some antiseptic ingredients. If your canine friend is suffering from allergies, then you will need to use a dog shampoo that is hypoallergenic hence mild enough to be used on skins that are easily inflamed.

Long Lasting Effects

Since it is not recommended to bathe your dog on a daily basis as doing so will strip his skin of the natural oil, you will need a shampoo that will stay effective for a long time before you can bathe your dog again.

By using a dog shampoo that has long lasting effects, your dog will have a much healthier coat. It’s, therefore, wiser to spend a little more money on a high quality dog shampoo that can last for months.

Other Things You Need to Look Out For When Shopping Around

Below are things that you need to look out for to help you determine the best shampoo for your dog.

  • Don’t go for colored shampoos. This is because they are likely to contain artificial dyes in them. As a result, avoid shampoos that are pink, blue, red or orange.
  • If the shampoo smells perfumey, then the chances are high that it contains artificial fragrance. You should, therefore, go for a shampoo that smells natural.
  • It is also advisable to consider the thickness of the dog shampoo. A super thick shampoo may contain thickening agents that may cause skin irritations and allergies to your dog.
  • Avoid shampoos that have shiny and milky sheens to them. They may contain sulfates. Another good indication that sulfates are in the ingredients list is when the shampoo bottle has bubbles in it.

Should you use conditioners on your Dog?

Yes. It is highly beneficial to use conditioners on your dog after shampooing. Although shampoos do a great job by cleaning your dog, they may sometimes leave your dog’s coat dry making it vulnerable to contaminants, and that is where conditioners come in.

Conditioners will protect your dog’s skin by soothing and moisturizing their coat. Therefore, if you want to have a dog that has a healthier and silkier coat, then you will need to use shampoo together with a conditioner.

How you should bathe your Dog using shampoo?

Below is an outlined simple step by step method you can follow to give your dog the best bath. First and foremost, you’ll need to have everything you are going to use to bathe your dog in place. You will need a shampoo, towels, washcloths, treats, removable shower head, conditioner, soft bath brush and some cotton balls.


  • Remove your dog’s collar. If your dog is jumpy, then you need to restrain him using a bathing tether.
  • Have the treats close by so that you can reward your little furry friend. You can reward him during bath time so that you keep this bathing experience as positive as possible.
  • Brush him so that you can get out any tangles and knots on his hair. Brushing will remove any debris stuck on your dog’s coat.
  • Place a few cotton balls in your dog’s ears to prevent water from getting into his ears. You can then place your dog in the tub.
  • Get your dog soaked using the removable shower head. Ensure that you use lukewarm water. Since most dogs don’t like having their faces wet, you should avoid his face.
  • Using the shampoo, create a rich lather on your dog’s coat. You can then use a soft bath brush to brush your dog's coat gently. Ensure that you move the brush in the direction of hair growth so that you can prevent tangles.
  • You can then rinse your dog using the removable shower head. You should ensure that the water you use for rinsing is fresh. You can start the rinsing from his neck going downwards. You should thoroughly rinse him until the water runs clear.
  • After this, you can now use the conditioner. You can follow the same directions as that of the shampoo.
  • Wrap your canine friend in a towel to keep her warm until she is completely dry. You can make him dry faster by using hot air dryer for dogs. Don’t use a human blow dryer as it can burn his skin.

Here is a perfect video on how you can wash your dog using shampoo

Below are 5 of the best dog shampoo that I have reviewed for you.

Top 5 Best Dog Shampoo

#1. 4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo


This dog shampoo is a brand with a purpose since it is made with natural ingredients that are very gentle on your dog’s skin. The company believes that your “4 Legger” in your home is just as much a part of your family as the rest of your family members. This is why they have made this dog shampoo with safety and quality given priority.

Top features

  • Biodegradable and sustainable ingredients.
  • Holistic hypo-allergenic essential oil blend.
  • 100% Natural and USDA certified.


  • Can be used on dogs with various skin types and dogs of all age brackets.
  • It is hypoallergenic and gentle enough for your dog’s skin.
  • It has a packaging that is recyclable.
  • 4-Legger Certified Organic Shampoo contains lemongrass and rosemary essential oils. These oils help to fight fleas and ticks.
  • It is specifically made with an abundance of natural moisturizers. These moisturizers will help in the healing of your dog’s skin and coat.
  • This shampoo works well on dermatitis conditions.
  • It lathers easily. It is also easy to rinse.


  • It is thinner than other shampoos. This makes it pour out of the bottle quickly. Hence you need to be careful when pouring it out of the bottle.

#2. Douxo Chlorhexidine PS Shampoo


If your dog is suffering from an irritating skin condition, then you might want to consider washing your pooch with this shampoo. This is because Duoxo Chlorhexidine PS Shampoo is made with several ingredients that can effectively soothe your dog’s skin and fight skin infections.

It contains chlorhexidine that fights bacteria. It also contains climbazole which fights fungus and yeast.

Top Features​

  • Antiseborrheic properties that control cutaneous disorders.
  • Antiseptic shampoo.
  • Formulated with chlorhexidine, climbazole and phytosphingosine.


  • It helps to treat both minor and severe skin conditions due to its antiseptic properties.
  • It will protect your dog’s skin from skin irritations and loss of moisture.
  • Eliminates itching.
  • The moisturizing ingredients will protect your dog’s skin in case of damage.
  • It contains Climbazole that helps to restore the skin barrier.
  • It helps to fight bacteria and fungi that may cause skin infection.


  • It costs more as compared to other dog shampoos.

#3. Natural Dog Shampoo by Moosh


Expert Vets always recommend that when choosing a shampoo for your dog, you should go for one that treats your pooch’s fur with respect by keeping them healthy and making them appear shiny. Moosh Natural Dog Shampoo will protect your dog’s delicate skin and keep it healthy. This is because this shampoo is made with all natural ingredients that are friendly to your dog’s skin.

Top features

  • 100% Natural and organic.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Made with Bentonite clay.


  • It has antifungal, antibacterial and anti-itch shampoo.
  • Using it will leave your dog with a healthy coat.
  • It is biodegradable hence friendly to the environment.
  • It has the excellent moisturizing capability. This will keep your dog’s skin soft.
  • The Bentonite clay it is made of will naturally draw grime away from your dog’s skin. It will also keep fleas at bay.
  • This shampoo contains neem making it to be flea and bug repellant.
  • It contains argan oil that moisturizes and reduces dandruff.
  • It does not contain any sulfates, preservatives or chemicals.


  • If your dog is extremely dirty, you will need a stronger shampoo to remove the dirt before you can use Moosh All Natural Dog Shampoo.

#4. FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo


Are you really worried that your dog may be losing a lot of hair through shedding? Well, you can reduce the unwanted shedding with this super de-shedding liquid tool in a bottle. The FURminator is an ultra premium shampoo that can help you protect your dog from loss of hair, all you need is a bath time help using FURminator.

Top features​

  • A unique blend of natural ingredients.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Enriched with kave extract and cranberry seed oil.


  • You will have a dog with a healthy and shiny coat if you use the FURminator. This is because it contains a blend of natural ingredients that will keep your dog’s coat healthy.
  • The natural ingredients also reduce excessive shedding leaving you with a healthy dog with a shiny coat.
  • It contains omega-3 and -6 fatty acids that will create professional grooming results.
  • The list of ingredients includes chamomile, and aloe Vera extracts that will leave your dog’s hair silky and tangle free.
  • It contains no parabens or artificial colors hence safe for your dog’s skin.


  • Can only be used on dogs over 6 weeks old.

#5. OxGord Natural Oatmeal Dog-Shampoo And Conditioner

If you are looking to keep your dog’s skin clean and healthy, then OxGord Natural Oatmeal Dog-Shampoo and Conditioner is a great option for you. Its ingredients include coconut oils, aloe Vera and jojoba, which are all natural ingredients making it a fully vegan and organic shampoo. It is made using a tear free soap less formula making it one of the best shampoos you can ever use on your dog.

Top features

  • Tear free soapless formula.
  • All natural ingredients that you can trust.
  • 100% Vegan and organic.


  • The ingredients are environmentally friendly since they are natural.
  • It has skin care properties hence it will give your dog a healthy skin and shiny fur.
  • It is made from natural oils giving it a tear free formula that will not irritate or inflame your dog’s eyes.
  • The natural oil moisturizes your dog’s coat and skin.
  • It relieves pain and itchiness that are caused by fleas or are as a result of dry skin.
  • It relieves pain and itchiness that are caused by fleas or are as a result of dry skin.
  • It smells great.


  • The smell does not last very long

Final Thoughts

Keeping your dog in top shape by bathing them is an essential grooming skill, and dog shampoos play a significant role in keeping your dog clean. To keep your dog clean while at the same time healthy, you need to use the best shampoo on his skin.

Hopefully, this comprehensive review will help you in choosing the best shampoo for your dog. When it comes to my pick on the best dog shampoo, I would recommend OxGord Natural Oatmeal Dog-Shampoo and Conditioner. This shampoo is one that you can trust since it contains all natural ingredients and is 100% vegan and organic. It is also made with a tear free soapless formula that will not irritate your dog’s eyes.

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